About Sam Filice

Experience and Education

Youth Development Diploma 1976

This two-year course gave me valuable insights into many of the problems faced by youth. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in social services, but I knew I needed another challenge.

Special Education Degree 1983

I spent 6 years working with youth from Grade 2 to Grade 12 that had some form of learning and/or emotional disability. While working with these students I decided to work part-time on a graduate diploma in Social Studies.

Graduate Diploma in Peace Education (Social Studies) 1986.

I knew the day would come when I would want to expand my teaching experience and took a position at Jasper Place. Initially, I taught in Special Education, but by 1990 I entered into full-time Social Studies teaching and eventually taught the full range of courses within the department over the next 27 years.  I also taught optional courses like CALM, Psychology and Sociology.

Masters in Education (Globalization) 2000

It was time again to expand my formal education and I went back to school once more. I took a sabbatical leave in 1999/2000 to complete a masters degree. I felt, and was correct, that Globalization would become an important part of the high school curriculum. I wasn't mistaken, as Globalization would become central to the Grade 10 curriculum a few years later.

I have worked for over 40 years with youth, 34 of them in teaching (29 with EPSB). I care about our youth and their future, and that's why I'm asking for your support come October 16th, for Edmonton Public School Trustee, Ward E.

Examples of Community Service

While teaching, I was active in several NGO organizations like the Social Justice Commission and Project Ploughshares. I was on the board of both the Social Justice Commission and Project Ploughshares for many years.

 As I taught, especially at Jasper Place High, I was the teacher sponsor for STOPP (Students Together on Promoting Peace) in which I worked with student on activities such as food bank drives, 30 Hour Famines, hosting youth conferences and other similar activities.

While working at Centre High from early 2000’s until I retired this past June, I kept advocating for Human Rights/Social Justice concerns via letter writing for Amnesty International as well as gathering funds for  the Lubicon Cree.

Among the ideas I believe in, this one from the Dali Lama is central:
"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others."
The Dali Lama's words are few, but powerful, and I wish more people would take them to heart. I also want to leave you with what I believe is a powerful and hopeful message by the following Jeremy Rifkin video.