Jamie Melnyk
Well Good Morning Mr. Filice, What a pleasant surprise to find your flyer in my mailbox last week! I have been meaning to contact you since then. I am not surprised and so very happy to hear you are running for school trustee. I knew the moment I read your flyer that you would have my vote because I remember your passion for education, compassion for human rights and integrity in all you do. This morning I decided to check out your website and it brought me right back to social at JP... and all that you stand for. I feel hopeful and inspired by your campaign as I always have been by your heart to do what is right for our children and society.
jan jagodzinski
I have known Sam Filice for over thirty years, as a friend, educator and teacher. There are few people that I know who have made such a difference to student lives. Sam has a tremendous work ethic and a soul buried in the social, ethical and political aspects of public education that are so necessary given the precarious times we find ourselves in. I wholly endorse Sam's bid as a future Edmonton Public School Trustee. A vote for Sam is a vote for your child's future. jan jagodzinski, Professor, Visual and Media Education, University of Alberta 
Tania Ymbi
My name is Tania Ymbi during the 2014-2015 school year at Centre High I had the privilege of having Mr. Sam Filice as my social studies teacher. As a former student I had an amazing experience being in his class as he demonstrated a passion for teaching as well as a care for his students. Each class Mr. Filice taught fostered an engaging learning atmosphere and his teaching style always included a fun and relatable dialogue. For this reason, I endorse Mr. Filice’s run for the school board trustee as I’m confident that through his many years in the educational system coupled with his passion that he will stand as a great advocate. It’s being not only a pleasure to have been taught by Mr. Filice but as a former student it remains an unforgettable memory in my high school journey. Thank you - Tania
Patricia Hartnagel, Bill and Rhyl Stollery
Sam Filice's decades of teaching experience give him an excellent perspective on the evolving needs of our students.  He has a gift for connecting with young people and a tremendous commitment to making sure they gain the skills and knowledge necessary to function in our rapidly changing world.  Having worked with Sam on peace education and community projects, we appreciate that he is knowledgeable, organized, and caring.  He would make an excellent trustee!
Marie and Rick Pawluk
In the thirty years we have been known Sam Felice, he has been a huge advocate of equality and social justice for all. Sam is an ardent supporter of Public Education and recognizes the need for appropriate funding to ensure each student reaches his/her potential. Experience teaching a wide variety of students in varied classroom settings, gives Sam insight into the complexities of the educational process. (Rick and Marie - retired teachers/leadership EPSB)
Chris McCormick
"Though it has been years since high school, I still remember fondly Mr. Filice's passion for teaching. He instilled in me an intrigue into social studies that led to an ongoing interest in Canadian politics to this day. Due to these reasons, I am certain Mr. Filice would make an excellent candidate for a trusteeship of the Edmonton Public School System.
The Mandryk Family - Crestwood
Besides having taught with EPS for 29 years, Sam has also been a neighbour for almost as many years and taught our son in high school. He was an excellent teacher!!! Sam is very engaging, extremely honourable, trustworthy, caring, attentive, and has always been in touch with the needs of school children. Sam genuinely cares about equal opportunity for all students and supporting those with special needs. Moving into a role as a Public School Trustee would be a perfect fit for Sam Filice and a vote for him would ensure that the needs of children within Ward E are looked after with passion and care.

Letter from long term Principal

It is with great pleasure that I provide this testimonial and acknowledgement for Mr. Sam Filice. I had the privilege to work with Sam during my tenure as Principal at Centre High Campus within Edmonton Public Schools.  Mr. Filice provided his skills and leadership as both a classroom teacher and head of the Social Studies department.

Mr. Filice is a consummate professional who places the highest priority on the success of his students.  He is an exceptional classroom teacher with extensive content and pedagogical knowledge. Sam is a reflective practitioner who reviews his results, creates new approaches and provides continuous support for maximum student achievement. Mr. Filice developed an excellent rapport with his students who both respect him and care about him as a direct result of his respect and concern for them.  He places students first and works tirelessly to provide each student with every opportunity to succeed.

In his leadership role Mr. Filice provided exceptional service to the students, staff and parents within all aspects of the school community. As Department Head he demonstrated his ability to plan long range and short term goals. He was directly responsible for teacher timetables, department assessment, diploma prep and student programming within the Social Studies department.  Sam maintained all department operations including: managing the budget, course development, staffing supervision and curriculum alignment.  Sam was willing to take on new initiatives, in particular those that involved technology.


Mr. Filice provided collaborative leadership within his department through discussion and clear communication.  He maintained a professional demeanor combined with an openness and willingness to provide support in any capacity.  Sam leads by collaborating with staff in setting goals and finding solutions.  He organizes inclusive department meetings with open dialogue which ensure everyone’s perspective is taken into consideration.   Sam sets initiatives around school priorities and plans accordingly.  He is a competent leader who understands the value and contribution of individuals to maximize the strength of the team.

In conclusion Sam works tirelessly to support and improve each students’ personal and academic growth.  He is a team player who shares his opinion and acts on those goals that benefit the greater good.

Mr. Ray Cimolini MEd

Director of Canadian International Schools Canada